Youth Center


In 2011, the Board of Directors made the decision to continue our long-standing Ministries of Mercy, which include services to meet the most basic needs, but to expand ministries to care for our neighbors in a more holistic way. Out of this decision our Ministries of Transformation and Ministries of Spiritual Formation were born.

The Board of Directors and staff began working with a consultant to develop a strategic plan in 2014, which would focus on children and youth. With that focus in mind, we began to develop ministries which would engage young people in educational and transformational ways. Programs like Literacy Camp, Kids in the Kitchen, and Strings Ministry, all of which we still continue with a myriad of other programs for young people including some of the newest additions, our Pre-Work Program and the Leadership Academy for high school students.

With these and so many other opportunities on the horizons, we have quickly outgrown our facility, which brings us to the final stage of our strategic plan – to construct a Youth Center here on Wheeling Island. This youth center will provide much-needed space for existing ministries, but more than that it provides a safe place for neighborhood youth and their families to come and engage as we continue to grow and develop our relationships with them.

We invite you to join us as we invest in the future of the children and youth we serve. To further explore to “Building Hope for Tomorrow” campaign please watch the video above and check out the drawings directly below. Click here for more information on our PROMISE Community Covenant Partnership. If you are interested in becoming a PROMISE Community Covenant Partner, please contact Mike Linger. You can also make a one-time donation directly to the building campaign by clicking here or the logo at the bottom of the screen.