Weekend backpacks operating again

The House of the Carpenter has a weekend backpack feeding program in cooperation with Madison Elementary that provides the nearly 280 students with food every weekend.  The bags of food contain six meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners) along with snacks and fruit so that each child is assured of having something to eat over the weekend.

All of the students at Madison Elementary are near or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines when it comes to family income.  Consequently, it is sometimes difficult for the families to stretch the budget to cover all of the needs.  The teachers at the school reported that often the students would come to school on Monday ravenous because they had not eaten very much over the weekend.  This made it nearly impossible for the students to complete their weekend assignments, to read or to do nearly any other activity because of being hungry.

This program helps to fill a gap for the children during the weekend.  Many of the families are appreciative of the food as it helps them to stretch their food budget and provides additional support to children in need.  A significant portion of the funds needed for this program are provided by the J. B. Chambers Memorial Foundation who has always had an interest in caring for children and youth in our area.

If you want to know more about this program, you can contact the House of the Carpenter at 304-233-4640 or email mlinger@houseofthecarpenter.com.