Spiritual Formation

At the House of the Carpenter, our ministries are inspired and influenced by the scriptures found in the Old and New Testaments and particularly, as Christians, by the teachings of Jesus. Because of this, we are in the business of ministering to the whole person, which includes their spiritual health and well-being. We offer an array of ministries targeted to children, youth, and adults. We are looking forward to offering Bible studies and small groups to all ages with the completion of the Toni and Nancy Bedway Center for Youth.

As with all of our ministries, those regarding spiritual formation are available to all, no matter their race, nationality, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, or age.  Yet, in all of the ministries offered, we seek to embody the teachings of Jesus in all that is said and done.






Children, from infancy through grade five, are offered the opportunity to learn and grow in their faith through ministries such as Day Springs Day Camp for children grades one through three, and summer camp for children grades four and five.

We are exploring ways in which we can build off of these experiences to nurture the faith lives of children in more ongoing ways.






Youth are able to discern and deepen their faith through ministries such as summer camp for youth grades six through twelve.

We are exploring ways in which we can build off of these experiences to nurture the faith lives of young people in more ongoing way.






In the future, we will be offering opportunities for men and women to grow in their faith through study together as well as in separate classes and other small groups and Bible studies.






NOVA is a community meal and gathering which is held each Thursday evening, barring weather and holidays, from September through May. We join together in fellowship over a meal and spend time together in worship sing songs, share our highs and lows from the previous week, and a have a brief discussion or meditation about a scripture or topic. All are welcome and transportation is available. Call 304-233-4640 to make arrangements.