Pathways to Success


The Pathways to Success is designed to offer students who have completed seventh and eighth grades an opportunity to explore different career fields and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed throughout their lives. The House of the Carpenter will partner with local businesses and schools, as well as taking advantage of our ongoing programs to provide students with a full, well-rounded schedule over the course of the program. Participants will be equipped with work shirts, a name tag, and a weekly schedule, which will include a combination of classroom, interactive, and hands-on experiences.

A large part of the program is spent visiting shadow sites where students meet with employees in different career fields and learn about the jobs they do and the type of education required to get that kind of job. We also plan to visit several local technical schools and colleges to get a feel for education opportunities beyond middle and high school.

Students will attend a financial understanding course, with participation from West Virginia Saves, learning how to manage their finances. They will also learn how to develop a resume and practice interview skills. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a stipend for work performed which will be used to set up a savings account through WesBanco and West Virginia Saves program.

If you or an eligible student are interested in participating in the Pathways to Success, please contact Shara Perry or call 304-233-4640.