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Ministries of Transformation

There are many people who are told to remain where they are – don’t cry out, don’t desire to change – whether through cultural and social forces or systemic struggles. At the House of the Carpenter we aim to offer opportunities for children, youth, and adults that are educational, experiential, and enriching, which we believe to be transformative. Ministries of Transformation are those programs that are designed to help individuals and families find the hope and skills they need to improve their quality of life.


In recent years we have developed a number of programs that aim to reach children, which we see as newborns through grade five. Some of these ministries are Kids in the Kitchen, ​Literacy Camp, strings program, and art classes.


We have also developed several programs to reach youth, which we see as grades six through 12. Some of these programs include Building Bridges After School Tutoring, Pre-Work for middle school students, Leadership Academy for high school students, strings program, and art classes.


We have several programs that are intended to reach adults, which we see as anyone over the age of 18. These include cooking and nutrition classes, budgeting, credit management, and financial planning classes.