Ministries of Mercy

There are many people in our area who are in need of someone to help them. Sometimes the need is created by circumstances beyond their control and other times the need is caused by choices that have been made. Regardless, there is a need. At the House of the Carpenter, we believe it is important to address the most basic needs of our neighbors – food, clothing, and shelter.


A fundamental part of our Ministries of Mercy is feeding the hungry. Through donations, the use of Mountaineer Food Bank, and careful shopping, the money spent on feeding the hungry allows the House of the Carpenter to distribute more than $650,000 worth of food annually to thousands of people in our community.

The House of the Carpenter has a significant number of ministries that address the issue of hunger, which include a food pantry and our weekend back pack program through Madison Elementary School.


Most concerns our neighbors have regarding clothing can be addressed through our thrift store and underwear room. Many of the items in the store are sold for $0.25 with specials on “Ten Cent Tuesday”. At the thrift store you can find clothing, shoes, jackets, household items, and, at times, furniture and appliances. The inventory of the store is determined by the donations received.


Utility assistance is provided in cooperation with the WV Saves program and includes a class designed to help participants gain an appreciation for budgeting and money management. Participants are also assisted in setting up a savings account, free of fees, through one of the many local financial institutions participating in the WV Saves program. Classes are available two Fridays a month.

We also have Work Teams who help make homes handicap accessible by constructing and installing ramps.